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Conducted in aid of the St Patrick’s Cricket Club which will receive 10% of Total Pool

Prize Pool Division:- 1st 70%, 2nd 20% and 3rd 10%
Maximum Tickets 15,000 –Tickets $2 each
Numbered from 1 – 15,000

* On 1st November 2021 a draw will take place at 7pm in the Commercial Club Zodiac Lounge, on the outcome of the of the Melbourne Cup 2021
* All tickets entitle the purchaser to participate in the draw for a runner in the race drawn at random
* Tickets will be drawn in public and matched with a runner in the race drawn at random
* At the conclusion of the draw all runners will be auctioned
* Successful bidders of runners must pay for their runners immediately after completion of the Auction. No credit will be given
* 50% of the auction price will go to the drawer and 50% will be added to the prize pool
* No refunds will be given on scratching after the auction
* Winners will be determined by the official placings as declared by the Totalisator Agency Board and will be shared in the event of a Dead Heat
* The Prize Pool is the total amount of money invested (sale of tickets plus 50% of the auctioned amount of each runner) less 10% to the St Patrick’s Cricket Club
* Winners will be notified by the organisers by 5pm on 5th November